New Jersey Sets Slot Limit in 2022 Fluke Regulations


New Jersey Fluke Regulations for 2022:

Fluke (Summer Flounder)
May 2 to September 27
2 Fish 17 to 17.99 inches
1 Fish 18 inches or larger


Summer Flounder fishermen in New Jersey will be getting a longer season in 2022. Fluke fishing will be open on May 2 and close on September 27. The longer season will provide more opportunities for backwater fluke fishermen, particularly in the southern part of the state.

The limits themselves are somewhat more complicated. For 2022, fishermen will be allowed to take two fluke between 17 and 17.99 inches, and one fluke over 18 inches. This is different from 2021’s regulations, when fishermen were allowed to keep 3 fluke over 18 inches.

This was one five of the regulations proposed, four of which were aimed at an increase in the fluke harvest between 15.9% and 16.5% over last year. With the longer season and the ability to keep two fish in a smaller size slot, it’s estimated that the new regulations will provide a 16.5% increase in fluke harvest.

The special regulations for Island Beach State Park shore fishing (2 fish at 16 inches) and Delaware Bay (3 fish at 17 inches) will remain status quo.

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